Niger is a West African nation which borders Libya to the northeast, Chad to the east, Benin to the southwest and Algeria to the north. The political situation in Niger is volatile due to the constant terrorist attacks carried out by Islamist Militants. Constant military coups have also worsened Niger’s political crisis while the country continues to also be faced with problems such as slavery, drought, poverty, and terrorism despite being rich in oil and gold. The culture of Niger is distinct in that many of its people are known to eat only one meal a day while spending more time engaged in other social activities. The people wear boo-boos which are long dresses that reach their ankles. The main language of Niger is French but Arabic and Hausa are also widely spoken.

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Average Monthly Earnings

Employment-to-Population Ratio

Unemployment Rate

Employment by Sector

Agriculture 74.8%
Industry 7.7%
Services 17.4%

Employment Distribution by Education

Age 15+

Less than Basic 78.4 %
Basic 19.8%
Intermediate 0.9%
Advanced 0.9%
Level Not Stated 0.0%

Age 15-24

Less than Basic 65.9%
Basic 33.2%
Intermediate 0.8%
Advanced 0.2%
Level Not Stated 0%

Age 15-64

Less than Basic 77.5%
Basic 20.6%
Intermediate 1.0%
Advanced 0.9%
Level Not Stated 0%

Age 25+

Less than Basic 83.3%
Basic 14.5%
Intermediate 1.0%
Advanced 1.1%
Level Not Stated 0%

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