The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small, land-locked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. A mix of French and German cultures, Luxembourg City (capital) is one of the official capitals of the European Union. The foreign born make up nearly half the country’s total population.

With one of the highest per-capita GDPs in the world, Luxembourg’s economy is one of the strongest in the world. It is also one of the world’s best performers in environmental protection and also ranks consistently highly in lists of the world’s most livable cities. Many large, high tech companies such as Skype and Amazon, have built their regional headquarters there.

The official languages of the country are French, German and Luxembourgish, a Franconian language of the Moselle region. Proficiency in all three is a requirement for graduation from secondary school. In addition, English is also taught and most of the population can speak it.

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Average Monthly Earnings

Employment-to-Population Ratio

Unemployment Rate

Employment by Sector

Agriculture 0.9%
Industry 11.5%
Services 87.6%

Employment Distribution by Education

Age 15+

Less than Basic 0.3%
Basic 15.7%
Intermediate 30.1%
Advanced 35.9%
Level Not Stated 18.0%

Age 15-24

Less than Basic 0.6%
Basic 29.0%
Intermediate 43.8%
Advanced 16.6%
Level Not Stated 10.1%

Age 15-64

Less than Basic 0.3%
Basic 15.8%
Intermediate 30.1%
Advanced 35.9%
Level Not Stated 18.0%

Age 25+

Less than Basic 0.3%
Basic 14.7%
Intermediate 29.2%
Advanced 37.3%
Level Not Stated 18.6%

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