People are at the heart of every thriving and sustainable business. The company’s efficiency in finding the right human resources, training, grooming, and retaining them has a lot of impact on how well the company does. Developing a business’s human resources is an enormous undertaking and crucial to the success of a business.

And that’s just when you are doing it locally.

Global human resources is an entirely different being. You have to gain intimate knowledge of local employment and labor laws, best practices, hiring trends, employee expectations, and a variety of other things to find and retain the best regional talent. It’s significantly different from cultivating and gathering other business resources on foreign soil.

If it seems like a lot of handle on your own, know that you are not alone. Thousands of businesses seek services like ours, to help them with global human resources, and to ensure that everything, from finding the right personnel and professionals to the last steps of employment life cycle goes smoothly. We provide these services in over a hundred countries, so no matter where you are expanding, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the key global human resource services we offer are:

Background Checks: The quest to find the right candidates to enrich your global expansion starts with background checks. At GPS, we run several background checks to ensure that the individuals we shortlist will become credible resources to your business. That includes criminal, civil, and international background checks. To ensure proper vetting of the candidate, we also facilitate education, employment, business credit, and reference check.

Employment Agreements and Offer Letters: Writing offer letters to foreign workforce requires you to know the lay of the land. You have to ensure that you can attract and retain the best talent by offering better terms than the local competition, without overexerting your resources. Similarly, the employment agreements you get your workers to sign on foreign soil must comply with the local labor laws and regional regulations. We can make this complicated task a breeze for you. With our compliance platform, we have accumulated all the regional information that you, as an employer, will need access to, before finding and hiring human resources in another country.

Labor Compliance Audits: Labor laws vary wildly from country to country, and some labor conditions you might consider normal in your home country, may not even be legal in another. Local departments of labor are especially vigilant regarding foreign businesses, and to ensure that you pass their stringent compliance audits, you may need the updated labor laws information that’s available on our platform. It will help you ensure that you stay within locally defined lines at all times.

Employee Handbooks: We have prepared handbook samples for a variety of businesses for almost every country that we support on our platform. So instead of hiring local resources or sifting through piles of local laws, you can benefit from our employee handbook templates that are up-to-date regarding local labor laws.

Salary Conversion Reports and Ad-hoc HR consulting: To keep your accounts and books updated on both fronts, in the host country, and your home country, you can make use of our salary conversion reports and compare base pays. Ad-hoc HR consulting will ensure that your employees get the help they need whenever they need it.

Termination Letters:  The last and troublesome step of the employment life cycle can be tricky to deal with, especially in another country. You have to ensure that you are complying with local laws regarding termination compensations and regulations, as well as (reasonably) meeting employee expectations of their rights, without it becoming a costly legal mess.


Through GPS, you can exert as much control and expect as much efficiency from your foreign human resources, as you can at home.

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