Everything you need for compliance in a single platform
GPS brings you a collection of custom built tools from a single platform for easy navigation across very complex international compliance issues.  Whether you are looking to open up a branch office in a new country, hire staff in that location or even terminate employment in those unfortunate circumstances, GPS is the tool you will wish you had.


Easy Access
Relevant labor laws at your fingertips
Real Time Updates
Dynamic changes as they happen
Build useful documents that fit your needs
Save Time & Money
Reduce fees and research time
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Labor Law Reform in India

Labor Law reforms refer to the actions taken by the central and state governments of India to regulate and initiate laws for the labor class. These laws ensure that fundamental rights are provided to all workers, focusing especially on equal treatment and decent working conditions. This is essential to facilitate ease in doing business and...

Employment Law Changes in Kenya

On 8th October 2021, the Gazette Notice published the Employment Amendment Bill to address the problem of increasingly overworked employees and reduced work-life balance.

Labor Policies in South Korea

In 2018, the South Korean Labor Standards Act (the LSA) stated that an employee could work for a maximum of 52 hours instead of 68 hours per week. This rule would apply to different businesses on different dates, depending on the number of workers each business had. Businesses with 50 or more employees had to...

Employment Rights in Denmark

Denmark, for the longest time, did not have an exclusive body governing matters such as working time, annual leave, maternity, and other parenthood-related leave. All the terms and conditions of employment were dictated by an individual or collective contracts. However, things have changed over the past few decades.