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Global People Strategist helps international professionals leverage real-time international data to research countries and their local labor laws, develop and maintain country profiles and employee handbooks, and ultimately, operate successfully in an international environment.


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Relevant labor laws at your fingertips
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Dynamic changes as they happen
Build useful documents that fit your needs
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Everything you need for compliance in a single platform
GPS brings you a collection of custom built tools from a single platform for easy navigation across very complex international compliance issues.  Whether you are looking to open up a branch office in a new country, hire staff in that location or even terminate employment in those unfortunate circumstances, GPS is the tool you will wish you had.
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Productivity Trends in France

President Emmanuel Macron of France wants its citizens to work longer hours in an effort to increase the country’s tax revenues. Working 13 percent fewer hours than the OECD average, and 14 percent less than US workers, the full-time French working week, at 35-hours, is 3 hours shorter than those in the UK and other...

The Stress of Money in the UK

A recent survey in the UK revealed that only 19 percent of employees are completely satisfied with the amount they are currently being compensated. Even though the UK is enjoying the lowest unemployment rate they’ve seen in decades, it turns out that employees are still struggling to make ends meet.

Changes to the DIFC Employment Law in the UAE

As of June 2019, the Dubai International Finance Centre announced a new law to replace the existing employment law that has been in practice since 2005. The changes will directly affect approximately 24,000 employees of the DIFC and has been structured to provide a balance and synergy between the business interests of the employers and...

Rapid Decline in Slovakia’s Auto Industry

Per capita, Slovakia has long been considered as the world’s largest automobile producer, with approximately 12% of the nation’s annual economic output generated from vehicle production. What used to be considered an industry with secure, well-paying jobs, with long-term employment prospects is now looking more like an economic wasteland of epic proportions. The downturn in...