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Why GPS?

Global People Strategist helps international professionals leverage real-time international data to research countries and their local labor laws, develop and maintain country profiles and employee handbooks, and ultimately, operate successfully in an international environment.


Easy Access
Relevant labor laws at your fingertips
Real Time Updates
Dynamic changes as they happen
Build useful documents that fit your needs
Save Time & Money
Reduce fees and research time
Everything you need for compliance in a single platform
GPS brings you a collection of custom built tools from a single platform for easy navigation across very complex international compliance issues.  Whether you are looking to open up a branch office in a new country, hire staff in that location or even terminate employment in those unfortunate circumstances, GPS is the tool you will wish you had.
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On 27th March 2018, the Labour Court gave a ruling on the matter of SATAWU and Others versus Sihlangene Security & Cleaning CC and Another (Case No: JS 79/11) expressing its displeasure in the procedure of dismissal of the employees involved as well as the failure to prove that the employees were dismissed for a...

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Well, sometimes you just might want it to be! A written contract is an agreement with terms documented and delineated on paper at least, if not stone. 

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